The Era of Bitcoin is the Era of New Money

I remember how once, back in the ‘olden days,’ I used to pay for pizza delivery with a check. Honestly, those days weren’t even that long ago; cell phones existed, people had emails, etc…but when it came to how we used money it might as well have been 100 years ago. Debit cards weren’t accepted everywhere, and paying someone instantly from a money app was unheard of (mostly because, y’know, apps didn’t exist). The way we experience money has changed so much, and the era of bitcoin is here to keep us moving forward as we move into the era of digital and crytpocurrency. After all, Bitcoin once paid for a pizza, and look where we are now.

Pizza, you say? Well here’s a quick history throwdown. Bitcoin started January 3rd, 2010. It wasn’t worth much (closer to nothing), and it was kind of mocked by ‘real economists.’ But then on May 22, 2010, someone paid 10,000 bitcoin for two pizzas, with a value of approximately $30 (they were probably XtraMeaty). Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) became valued for more than just internet shennanigans. Economists scoffed. “P’shaw!” they said, while lighting their fancy cigars and staring out the floor to ceiling windows from their Wall Street offices. “It’s a fluke!”

But…was it? Can you guess how much pizza that 10,000 bitcoin could buy you today? Assuming 15 dollars a pizza, and 1 bitcoin=8000 USD, that means you could buy 5,333,333 pizzas (approximately). Because that bitcoin today would be worth almost 80 MILLION dollars. Go ahead, it’s okay to rub your hands together like a supervillain when you say it. So…maybe you should doff your hat, acknowldge the arrival of the era of bitcoin, and get started growing your own pile of digital gold coins to swim in.

Bitcoin Era can’t buy you a pizza, but it can make you some real ‘cheddar.’ Because if you want to invest in bitcoin you have got to 1) get bitcoin, and 2) trade bitcoin. Bitcoin not only grows in value when its price to the dollar goes up, but it also multiplies itself over time, like bunnies. So far, bitcoin’s dollar value has grown exponentially, and with the site doing the trading and selling and buying for you automatically, you can sit around enjoying your pizza knowing you won’t be missing out on a whole new era of money…the era of bitcoin.