I Found a Good Summer Job

This really beats the job that I had last year. I was wrangling the shopping carts in an enormous parking lot all summer long. They finally taught me how to be a cashier, but by then my Mom said I had to quit because of school. That is the priority, although I would want to go to college with money in my pocket and a car. This year I lucked into something. A friend of my uncle hired me to mostly watch out for his Dad. At first he asked me if I understood the bitcoin evolution official app. It was just a test, but I looked around it and figured out how it worked. He was a little impressed and let me play with this incredible computer set up he had in his office. It was designed for trading stocks, bonds and all sorts of other things, apparently he was all about bitcoins. Needless to say this was a really rich guy, although you would not have thought it if you saw him walking through a store.

I have known him about three weeks now and some days he never seems to wear real pants. He will wear swim trunks and shorts, or he will never get out of his pajamas. His father is exactly the opposite. He is always dressed as though he has an important business meeting. You can tell from a few minutes around him that his entire identity is tied up in that suit and tie. The man intensely dislikes needing me to watch over him and drive him around, but he would hate it a lot more if he could not get around at all. Aside from his vision he seems to have relatively good health. However he does not recognize me when I am six feet away unless I speak.