Conversions and adding value to your home

When it comes to increasing the value of your property, there are plenty of ways that you can tweak little things to make a positive impact. However, one of the best ways to increase the value of your property is through a loft, cellar or garage conversion.

Loft conversions are not something that everyone can do as not all loft spaces are suitable for conversion; yet, it is a much cheaper way of adding value to your home than building an extension.  On average, loft conversions cost £600 per m2which is half the cost of the average extension. If you are considering a loft conversion then you will need to factor in certain things to make sure that you are adding the most value.

Loft conversions add the most value to your home when they are done to increase the number of bedrooms and there must be a full staircase into the loft too. There are a number of space saver options as far as staircases are concerned, so make sure you’ve explored them all to make sure you’ve chosen the best one for your home. You will also need to make sure that dormer windows or skylights are fitted in your loft conversion to bring in natural light (very few people want dark and dingy attic bedrooms) and some loft conversions may require planning permission so it’s always best to check before you start any work.

If you are increasing the number of bedrooms with a loft conversion it may also be worth considering an extra bathroom as well – having a six bedroom and one bathroom property may not make your home as valuable as you were hoping.

Cellar or basement conversions are another way that you can add value to your property, but you don’t need to have a cellar there to create space under your home. Not all properties are able to have a cellar added to them for several reasons from the height of the water table in the area to the foundations of your home, but for those properties with cellars, or the capacity to have one added, it can be an effective way to increase your property value.

If you already have a cellar and are looking to convert it there are several things that you will want to check before you make any decisions. Firstly, how big is the cellar? If the space isn’t big enough to form another living space, it may be better suited as an extra bathroom, a pantry or a utility room. How dry is the cellar? How high are the ceilings? Can the access be modified? Are there any windows? These last few questions are especially important as they will influence how much the conversion will cost. Additional damp proofing, deeper excavation, replacing steep brick stairs with a modern stair case, fitting windows or having to find a lighting alternative, all of this will have an impact on how much a cellar conversion will cost. However, unlike a loft conversion, a cellar conversion can add additional value to your property as a bathroom, extra living space or extra bedroom so you can choose to do one or all three depending on the space you have.

Garage conversions are another way to add value to your property, but getting rid of the garage space may actually end up hurting your house price, especially if storage space and parking space is at a premium on your property. What you can do with your garage space to improve the value is to replace the garage door. Secure garages and modern garage doors not only improve the aesthetic value of your property and the overall value, they can be the tipping point for some buyers.

Not everyone is looking for a project home, a lot of people want to buy a house that has no work to be done and they can simply move in, unpack and relax. One option in garage doors that can improve the value of your property is the Up & Over garage door. It comes in steel, timber and GRP so it can be matched to the architecture of your home and opens up and over your head (as you might expect from the name). Replacing the garage door on a property is often overlooked but is one of the cheaper and most effective ways to instantly boost your property value.